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Visit us!

At Brammersgade 6 in Århus C you will be able to find our small cozy vintage shop.

Here we have both vintage clothes and vintage interior (as well as a small section of vintage baby clothes!)

Moonchild Vintage, in collaboration with Kjerlig Vintage, opened September 3rd 2022. We share the shop, so you can buy our things regardless of who is open on any given day. You would either meet me, Camila, or Julie, the Kjerlig Vintage owner. 

Pop your head in one day and say hello! 

Our opening hours and who you can find in the store:

Moonchild Vintage:

Mon and Thurs from 12-5pm

Friday 1:30-5 p.m

Saturday 12-3pm

Kjerlig Vintage: 

Tuesday - Wednesday 12-17

If you wish to contact Julie, I refer to her active Instagram profile here:@Kjerligvintage

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