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How are the clothes measured?

I use a modern measuring chart and a measuring tape. See SIZE GUIDE . Due to different production years, the sizes of the clothes may vary. It can therefore be stated inside the clothes that the size is 44, but today can mean a size 38. Therefore, I indicate the sizes of the clothes according to today's sizes, rather than indicating the sizes the clothes say. To make sure you get the right size, I recommend that you measure yourself and have your measurements ready by your side when you shop.

If you are looking for some clothes you want more measurements on, you are more than welcome to send me an email HERE or use the chat function in the right corner.

(Due to minor mistakes in translation, the word "measurements" might read "goals" instead, due to direct translation from danish)

How is the condition of the clothes assessed?

As a starting point, it must be assumed that all the clothes have certain traces of use, as the clothes can as old as 70 years.

However, the clothes are thoroughly checked, and if there are significant stains, holes or the like, it is shown in the form of close-ups and in the description.

Does the clothes smell? Is it washed?

To maintain the concept of being as environmentally conscious as possible, only clothes that have stains, marks or odors get a wash in the hand, or if it smells a lot, a wash in the washing machine. The unique thing about vintage clothing is that it may have been forgotten and hidden in the attic, in the garage or in the basement, and may therefore have a slight odor that is not otherwise found in new clothing. Clothes that smell strongly of any kind, however, get a wash.

How is the age of the clothes assessed?

Many factors can come into play in determining how old a piece of clothing is. It can be made based on brands, zippers, stitching, style, print and fabric. However, it can sometimes be challenging if the item e.g. is home-made or if the item does not have classic elements that can be associated with a particular era. Of course, I try to assess as accurately as possible, but the age assessments are an overall estimate.

What are vintage clothes?

Generally speaking, it's when the clothes are over 20-25 years old. However, there may be different opinions to when clothes may be called "vintage".

Is there a physical store?

Yes, we have a little shop at Brammersgade 6 in Århus C Denmark. Our opening hours are 

Mon-Thurs 12-5pm

Friday 1:30-5pm

Saturday 12-3pm

Can I return an item?

You have 14 days to return an item bought through the webshop. We do not pay for shipping. 


In store, you have 8 days to return an item. Remember to bring your receipt. 

What do I do if I have received an item with errors that were not described or shown?

Unfortunately, some errors may be overlooked during inspection. In the event that you receive such goods, you can contact through mail or phone so we can find a solution.

If you have other questions, you are welcome to use the contact form HERE .

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