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om moonchild vintage

A portrait photo of the owner of Moonchild Vintage

Who am I?

My name is Camila, and I'm a big recycling enthusiast! My love for taking care of our envirornment and reuse everything that is already on this earth, is the main reason I made this my living. so I established Moonchild Vintage in the hope of being able to inspire more people to buy recycled rather than new. You can read more about how I make sure to be as environmentally friendly as possible HERE .

Moonchild Vintage, based in Aarhus, is built up of sales through Trendsales started in 2020, and then also to become an independent online webshop in 2021. The large range of vintage clothing comes primarily from the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, USA and France, and provides a large selection of clothing from between the 1960s up to the late 90s.  

New clothes are put into the shop every week, so you always have something new to look at! I try to make the prices as budget friendly as possible, so that everyone can contribute to being more environmentally conscious.  

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