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Moonchild Vintage was created out of love for the environment, nature and the planet. Therefore, the choices made in the company reflect just that. Below you can read about how they are expressed!



1. We sell recycled clothing

Shopping for recycled clothing is in itself an environmentally friendly choice as it does not trade in newly produced clothing and thus does not support the many environmentally harmful aspects and processes it requires to produce new clothing.

2. We use recycled packaging as far as possible

Packaging, bags and boxes come from a company that would otherwise throw it out. Therefore, packaging may vary as there is always something new. However, it is always certain that your order arrives safely in complete and fine packaging.

3. We do not wash clothes

As a rule, the clothes arrive ready for sale and therefore do not need to be washed. Only those who need get a hand wash (or in the washing machine should it be very necessary, but it is rare.) In this way we do not contribute to water waste.

4. We rarely throw out

If there are clothes with damage, they are initially tried to be fixed in the form of adding a new button, replacing buttons, replacing bad seams, replacing zippers or sewing holes (this will be stated with the clothes). In the shop you can also find clothes with stains (this is made clear in the description and in close-ups) at a lower price than usual. Should there be clothing that is too damaged to be repaired or sold, fabric, buttons and zippers are recycled for other projects.

5. Invoice is only sent by mail

This is to avoid unnecessary use of paper.

We are certainly not perfect, but we do our best and we are constantly trying to optimize our business in a more sustainable direction. If you have a good suggestion on how we can become even better, you are always welcome to write to us.

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